CNP fraud as terrorist act facilitator


In the Athens International Airport (AIA), during a regular summer morning of July 2021 all flights are occurring on schedule. This period of time is high touristic season and especially for AIA as the central airport hub of Greece. Thus, the incoming and outgoing volume during these days can reach 135.000 people. In this context, there are two individuals who have booked tickets for Brussels while another one for Frankfurt using stolen credit card information (Card-Not-Present – CNP). 

In the absence of advanced support tools such as PREVISION, and due to sheer volume of people at the transport hub, the individuals might well go undetected (and might also be involved in or planning other criminal acts).


  • Difficulty in the processing of data due to the heterogeneity of data (different formats) or limitations of the software.
  • Time consuming procedures in terms of communication between so many stakeholders.
  • Legal and ethical limitations may apply.
  • Video, audio, image data will come from a variety of sources.
  • System integration issues. Integration of tools with spatial visualization and image and video tools with tools capable to analyse and extract useful information regarding deviant behaviours, pattern recognition, biometrics, in real/near-real time.
  • Lack of effective and universal solutions to detect hidden data exchange.
  • Limited awareness of information hiding threat in LEAs.

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