Attempted terrorist attack at stadium

Description of the attempted terrorist attack: 

Two individuals are about to introduce explosive devices in the stadium; they are getting close to the perimeter controls of access to the stadium. Concurrently, a stolen vehicle of more than 3500 kg is going to be used by another individual in order to run over people in one of the accesses to the stadium, moments before the beginning of the football game. Moreover, in order to remain undiscovered, the terrorists are utilising information hiding tools on their smartphones in the form of network steganography (i.e. which are able to slightly modify the legitimate, outgoing data streams in order to embed secret information there, so it is invisible to the unaware third parties) to covertly communicate and plan/synchronise their activities.


  • Limitations in the access and/or processing of data, either by not being able to access to the network, or by incompatibility of formats, limitations of the software.
  • Legal limitations, ethical and political frameworks.
  • Various sources of video, audio, image data.
  • System integration issues. Platform for integrating tools with spatial visualization of all data sources, and the possibility of extracting relevant information, risk analysis and assistance to decision-making by the responsible people.
  • Lack of effective and universal solutions to detect hidden data exchange.
  • Limited awareness of information hiding threat in LEAs.

Partners to be involved:

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