PREVISION is a project related to an information and 
data stream management to fight against (cyber)crime and terrorism

According to official Europol estimations, (cyber)criminals demonstrate an ever more increasing resolve to exploit new technology to achieve their unlawful purposes. With the exponentially increasing digitisation of our society, opportunities are many: Social media, the Darknet, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other technologies can also be exploited as instruments to either perform or facilitate criminal acts. Besides this, the border lines between various types of crimes are getting harder and harder to distinguish: terrorism, organised crime and cyber-crime are often interwoven – to name just a few examples: terrorists can launch hybrid attacks, or even pure cyber-attacks using the CaaS model; they can attract and recruit new members through propaganda on social media or they can secure funds through cyberenabled frauds; organised crime groups can turn into Darknet illicit markets to buy or sell illegal goods, etc. Moreover, regardless of the reliance on new technology or on more traditional means, terrorists continue to be determined on causing critical hits and mass casualties in public spaces, exploiting the inherent difficulty in protecting soft targets. In this complex landscape, LEAs are faced with tremendous challenges.

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